Texans’ Brennan Scarlett delivers key recoveries on special teams

Hustling to the football, Texans outside linebacker Brennan Scarlett displayed an instinctive knack for knowing where to position himself Sunday.

Scarlett recovered a muffed punt during the first quarter of a 20-13 victory over the Buffalo Bills, leading to a touchdown.

And Scarlett returned a punt blocked by reserve linebacker Tyrell Adams for 14 yards to set up a field goal.

Plays by Scarlett led directly to half of the Texans’ point total.

"It’s an amazing feeling when you get that ball in your hands," Scarlett said. "I haven’t had that ball in my hands since high school. It’s been a while. That was good execution on the block and just hustle by everybody."

The Texans are on a three-game winning streak and 3-3 heading into a key AFC South division game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

"We have fighters on this squad," Scarlett said. "They know how to deal with adversity. We’re rolling now. It’s a new season."

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